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  •     Xia Men GeeLong Hardware Co., Ltd., was founded in Xiamen -- the Sea Garden. The company has import and export operations, which is a professional high-standard conpany,is a professional engaged in the 304、316stainless steel screws、nuts、staintess steeland other metal fasteners wholesale and retail enter prises。

    In the manufacture and service of industrial assembly, the GeeLong could provide our clients with "one-stop" procurement supporting business and solutions. We still offer other services: the electronics manufacturing industry, the communications industry, sheet metal industry, printing and dyeing, textile equipment industry, machine tools, chemicals, valves, pipeline industry, precision industrial, medical equipment, environment and energy industry, the aviation industry and other fields.   

          "Quality comes from trust,integrity makes out eternal",our customers'needs come first.geelong's comes from the support of every custormer.since the company was born,its rapid and stable grows based on the integrity management,focus on wholesale and customers'every needs,and friendly communication.also,we have built the long-established marketing service mechanism,delivering our high-quality produsts to where it needs.we are adhering to the theory of"peomoting the brand,trusting our service",providing our customers with reliable products and high-quality services,and strive to create the best service providers among others.

           product standard:GB(GB),Intemational standards(ISO),American standard(ANSI),German standard(DIN).British standard(BSW),Japanese standard(JIS),standard fasteners products.our material is about carbon steel.stainless steel,copper and so on.In the aspects of pruducts' functions and strutures,we also provide OEM service,sincerely willing to work together with you to develop the competitive products in market.


    • compound trough pan head screws
    • hexagon flange nuts DIN6923/GB6177
    • wing nuts germany form DIN315/GB62
    • long nuts DIN6334
    • combinational nuts(cage nuts)
    • Ubolts DIN3570
    • lifting eye bolt DIN580/GB825/ISO3266